javatari Emulator

  • Movement of player using joystick
  • Firing of missile using button
  • Missile 0 - Player 1 collision detection
  • Basic sound effects when firing or collision occurs
  • Basic color effects when collision occurs
  • Multiple rows of enemies
Not Completed
  • Six digit scoring
  • Firing of Enemy Missile
  • Missile 1 - Player 0 collision detection
  • Game status (e.g. not started, active game, player has died)
  • Limit on player lives
  • Randomization of enemy sprite horizontal positions
  • Display with number of lives
  • Extra man logic and sound effects
  • Additional game modes
  • Handling of Select console switch to toggle game mode
  • Handling of player difficultly switches
  • Change in difficultly of enemy sprite movements as game is played
  • Two player mode where players take seperate turns
Download ASM source and binary (4 KB)