Demo updates!
Some minor changes to the player/missile demos have been added to the Demos Page.
AssembleROM tool 1.0 Released!
AssembleROM is a new tool that helps automate assembling and executing a ROM source file in the Stella emulator. It has been added to the Tools Page.
New Demos Released!
Some new player/missile demos have been added to the site! They are posted on the Demos Page.
Junkosoft Playfield Editor 1.0 Released!
An initial build of the Junkosoft Playfield Editor has been completed! It is posted on the Tools Page.
Junkosoft Playfield Editor in the works!
I am currently working on an Atari 2600 playfield graphics editor. It is being built as a Windows forms application using C# (and the sprite editor source as a starting point). I have the GUI and open/save routines working. I just need to implement the output to ASM functionality and reflected/mirrored playfield modes and I should be ready for a public release! More to come soon...
Junkosoft Sprite Editor for Windows 1.0 Released!
The Junkosoft Sprite Editor has been rebuilt as Windows forms application using C#.NET 1.1. It is posted on the Tools Page. The Windows version is backwards compatible with files created using the DOS version.